11 Chic Pairs Of House Slippers You’ll Want To Cozy Up In

Published Oct 22 2021 at 10:30 PM GMT
  • Although this year has been consistently steamy, cold weather is upon us.
  • Just as we rediscover the need to don coats and jackets again, we also become aware of the need for warmer indoors clothes as well.
  • And may we remind you that with all the time we've been spending indoors lately, house shoes are very in.
  • A cozy slipper is an underrated staple your grandpa has been well versed in for years.
  • They're a homebody's best friend whether you're lounging around the living room or making a dash for the bodega to stock back up on cocoa.



  • Published Oct 22, 2021 10:30 PM GMT