13 Essential Oil Diffusers With The Power To Change Your Room's Energy

Published Nov 17 2021 at 10:00 PM GMT
  • So, you have a massive candle collection and have considered buying yourself an aromatherapy necklace " what's stopping you from giving an essential oil diffuser a try "Although these machines come in several different varieties, their purpose remains the same: to disperse an essential oil's fragrance through the air.
  • By simply breathing the air, aromatherapists and holistic health practitioners believe that you can absorb the oil's properties, from relaxing lavender to energizing peppermint.
  • (Not sure what you're looking for' Check out our guide to essential oils and their properties.)For the record: A few small studies have found that certain diffused essential oils can help repel bugs and decrease anxiety, but the research on aromatherapy's health benefits remains relatively limited.
  • That said, a great-smelling home never hurt anyone.
  • Ahead, we've rounded up our favorite diffusers for anyone looking to imbue their living space with the restorative vibes of their choice, whether they're relaxing or invigorating ones.



  • Published Nov 17, 2021 10:00 PM GMT