19 Candles That Smell Almost As Good As A Real Fireplace

Published Oct 13 2021 at 6:12 PM GMT
  • In our most played-out cold weather fantasies, we spend crisp evenings luxuriating beneath cashmere throw blankets while the embers inside our home's vast hearth emit an oh-so-soft and smoky glow.
  • Back in our cramped-apartment realities, we're tangled up in a Snuggie trying to fix a digitized fire that keeps lagging from the crappy WiFi connection.
  • Since getting elbow-deep in mortar for bricklaying our way to peak seasonal bliss isn't the brightest idea, we elected the next best easiest thing: buying a fireplace-scented winter candle.
  • When you can't light a fire in your fireplace, because you don't actually have a fireplace, these woodsy-essenced votives are here to save the winter day (or, night).
  • Ahead, find a seasonally strategic candle lineup that reviewers claim smell like everything from freshly ignited logs to big ole bonfires in the woods.



  • Published Oct 13, 2021 6:12 PM GMT