25 skin tone handshake emoji options are coming in 2022

Published May 01 2021 at 5:27 PM GMT
  • After years of texting highlighter-yellow handshakes to our friends, multi-skin toned handshake emoji are coming to our phones in 2022.
  • The Unicode Consortium, which — among other things — sets the standard for how text (emojis included) appears in modern software, has strived to create more inclusive emoji in recent releases.
  • The most current example is interracial couples as part of the new iOS 14.5 emoji.
  • While emoji appear as tiny icons, they require a massive amount of effort from conception to completion — and the handshakes involved even more work.
  • Google's blog post about how the multi-skin toned handshake emoji was years in the making is indicative of that journey.


  • Published May 1, 2021 5:27 PM GMT