AirPods May Soon Be Able To Take Your Temperature and Check Your Hearing

Published Oct 14 2021 at 1:38 AM GMT
  • Apple is reportedly looking into ways to expand the health features on AirPods, including offering body temperature readings and hearing checks.
  • People familiar with the plans told The Wall Street Journal that the proposed features aren't expected by next year or may never be rolled out to consumers.
  • Documents reviewed by the WSJ"show that Apple is already developing AirPods prototypes that can take a user's temperature from inside the ear, similar to a thermometer.
  • Documents also showed that Apple could use the buds to sense motion changes in the wearer to monitor posture.
  • The device may also be used to amplify certain sounds or improve hearing, similar to a hearing aid, the WSJ'added.



  • Published Oct 14, 2021 1:38 AM GMT