Amazon Prime Video Releases 'Justin Bieber: Our World' Documentary Trailer

Published Oct 03 2021 at 7:37 AM GMT
  • Amazon has released the trailer for its upcoming documentary, Justin Bieber: Our World.
  • The film follows global pop sensation, Justin Bieber, as his team readies to put on a record-breaking performance for New Year's Eve 2020 at the top of the Beverly Hilton Hotel.
  • The film gives fans an intimate look at how Bieber and his team prepared for the monumental performance for 240 in-person guests and millions of fans across the world via livestream.
  • The trailer discusses why Bieber decided to take a long hiatus from performing, citing that it was best for his health at the time.
  • Audiences get a sneak peek of Bieber's private life as well as how he prepares for his on-stage performances.



  • Published Oct 3, 2021 7:37 AM GMT