B. J Novak's Anthology Series "The Premise" Is a Timely Waste of Time

Published Sep 16 2021 at 8:40 AM GMT
  • Courtesy of FXThe Premise refers to itself as "An Anthology of Now", which in practice means that it trades in irony-laden stories about modern technology, social justice, school shootings, celebrity, and social media.
  • Being timely, however, isn't worth much, unless a show also has something insightful or amusing to say about its chosen subjects.
  • That turns out to be the main problem with BJ Novak's new FX on Hulu series (Sept.
  • 16), a tepid collection of sketchy notions in search of an overriding purpose or unanticipated point of view.
  • Novak enlists a formidable cast for The Premise, whose guiding m o is to establish a scenario and then upend initial expectations about its characters and outcome.



  • Published Sep 16, 2021 8:40 AM GMT