Biden's big spending plans are good. They are also a convoluted mess.

Published Apr 29 2021 at 9:50 AM GMT
  • In a speech before Congress Wednesday night, President Biden laid out the case for his American Families Plan, a proposal to dramatically beef up the US welfare state by spending $1.8 trillion over a decade.
  • By American standards, the plan is not bad " the biggest package of welfare legislation since the Great Society programs of the 1960s.
  • They are not groundbreaking innovations; it would basically bring America about halfway up to the mid-20th century rich country standard.
  • On the merits, the plan should be a total gimme for anyone claiming the Democratic label.
  • But the proposal's odd rollout and janky design call into question how serious Biden and the Democrats are about passing it at all.



  • Published Apr 29, 2021 9:50 AM GMT