'Black Mirror' creator's Netflix video game 'Cat Burglar' cleverly skips the obvious choice

Published Mar 04 2022 at 11:00 AM GMT
  • The only thing that changes is how your thieving cat gets past it.
  • Circumventing the brick barrier that surrounds a fancy art museum is the first of several challenges that get thrown your way as Netflix's interactive cartoon Cat Burglar unfolds.
  • The premise is simple: A sly feline is trying to steal a priceless, unseen work of art from a museum, but a lovable-yet-slow-witted guard dog is on duty.
  • The success or failure of the heist is in the hands of the viewer, based entirely on your performance in a series of timed challenges.
  • In your typical video game — and Cat Burglar is definitely a kind of video game, make no mistake — challenge comes from thematically and narratively appropriate gameplay.



  • Published Mar 4, 2022 11:00 AM GMT