BLACKPINK Becomes Most Subscribed Artist on YouTube With Over 65. 2 Million Subscribers

Published Sep 11 2021 at 3:28 AM GMT
  • BLACKPINK has surpassed Justin Bieber to officially become the most subscribed artist on YouTube.
  • According to YG Entertainment, the four-piece's YouTube channel exceeded 65.2 million subscribers on September 10, just shortly after Lisa's solo project LALISA was released.
  • BLACKPINK managed to take the top spot in a short amount of time " about five years and three months after they launched their official channel on June 28, 2016 " while Bieber's channel was launched 14 years and nine months ago.
  • To celebrate their fifth anniversary, the group recently dropped BLACKPINK The Movie in theaters, created an island on Animal Crossing: New Horizons and collaborated with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS.
  • In related news, take a listen to Lisa's"LALISA'here.



  • Published Sep 11, 2021 3:28 AM GMT