Bolsonaro's Chief of Staff Admits the Brazilian President's COVID Position Is BS on Hot Mic

Published Apr 28 2021 at 6:13 AM GMT
  • EVARISTO SAThe Brazilian president"s chief of staff didn't realize his comments were being live-streamed on Tuesday when he dismissed his boss" approach to the virus and said he feared for the life of Jair Bolsonaro because he hasn't yet been vaccinated.
  • "I am involved, personally,' said government minister and chief-of-staff to the president Luiz Eduardo Ramos at a recorded meeting for Brazil's Supplementary Health Council.
  • In the live-stream, which was shared by Brazilian radio station CBN, Ramos said that he had been desperately 'trying to convince our president, regardless of [his] positions," to take the vaccine.
  • We cannot lose the president to such a virus.
  • He is 65 years old", he said of Bolsonaro, who tested positive for the virus in July of last year.



  • Published Apr 28, 2021 6:13 AM GMT