Building Back Greener: How COVID-19 recovery could shape a brighter climate future

Published Sep 28 2020 at 7:00 AM GMT
  • It was proof both that we’re the ones causing this climate destruction and also that it’s not too late to reverse that tide.
  • COVID-19 has already ushered in changes, from a dramatic surge in remote work to a better understanding of how climate change is linked to our health.
  • More changes are sure to come in our recovery plans, but will those changes be enough to stem the worst of climate catastrophe" Will differences in how we work and where we live only create new environmental issues' And will that recovery really benefit everyone, or, as we’ve seen all too often in these converging crises, will those already marginalized be left further behind' This week, we’re thinking about how a climate-focused COVID-19 recovery is connected to how we live and work.
  • What new future could green recoveries create, and what are governments around the world already planning' We’ll explore how these crises have exposed another inequality: the issue of environmental injustice, and how a climate-friendly COVID-19 recovery needs to benefit those who have long borne the brunt of climate change.
  • Just how much will it cost, at a time when individuals, companies, and entire countries are struggling financially' How can we pay for the green transition we need' We’ll examine that, too.



  • Published Sep 28, 2020 7:00 AM GMT