COVID-19 sent NYC hospitals reeling, but now they say they’re ready for future crises

Published Apr 27 2021 at 2:42 PM GMT
  • In the early days of the pandemic, New York health systems and hospitals were thrown for a loop.
  • Surges in patient volume and the loss of revenue when elective procedures were suspended by state order left local facilities feeling pushed to their limits.
  • But in the ensuing months, and with the crisis appearing to be winding down, they say they have learned important lessons that will help them change the way they work.
  • "We were built to withstand blows and deliver care," said Dan Widawsky, chief financial officer of NYU Langone.
  • And in picking themselves back up, health systems have become better prepared for the next disaster, he noted.


  • Published Apr 27, 2021 2:42 PM GMT