DHS Cyber Office Wants to See Secret Voting Machine Vulnerability Report

Published Sep 28 2021 at 8:59 AM GMT
  • BloombergA cybersecurity official at the Department of Homeland Security has shown interest in seeing a copy of a report alleging 'severe' vulnerabilities in Georgia's voting machines'a report that a federal judge has decided to keep secret.
  • As The Daily Beast reported last month, US District Judge Amy Totenberg ordered the report'authored by a renowned computer security academic'to remain sealed.
  • Although the report only discusses the potential for future election interference, her restrictions appear to be driven by a desire to avoid fueling unfounded right-wing conspiracy theories that Donald Trump beat Joe Biden in 2020.
  • But now the Streisand effect is in full swing, as the report's secrecy is attracting even more attention from two camps: the federal agency tasked with helping protect elections and state election officials around the country who are also relying on these machines in certain jurisdictions.



  • Published Sep 28, 2021 8:59 AM GMT