Disgraced Lawyer Alex Murdaugh Is Going Back to Rehab

Published Sep 16 2021 at 8:48 PM GMT
  • YouTubeA South Carolina judge on Thursday set a $20,000 bond for Alex Murdaugh after the once high-powered attorney admitted to his role in a doomed plot to get himself killed so his son could collect $10 million in insurance money.
  • That allows the attorney, whose wife and son were shot and killed at a family estate this spring and who has seen his sway over the South Carolina Lowcountry collapse spectacularly, to go back to rehab for drug addiction.
  • During a brief Thursday hearing, Hampton County Magistrate Judge Tonja Alexander said the bond was personal recognizance, meaning Murdaugh will be released on his promise to appear in court later and without having to pay any fines.
  • Murdaugh, 53, is facing multiple charges, including insurance fraud, after admitting he and his alleged former drug dealer, Curtis Edward Smith, conspired in a jaw-dropping assisted-suicide and insurance scheme.



  • Published Sep 16, 2021 8:48 PM GMT