Dog anxiety is real. These products can help calm your anxious pet.

Published Feb 18 2022 at 7:03 PM GMT
  • Dogs can be one of the best natural remedies for anxiety in humans.
  • But experienced pup parents know that anxiety can also be just as big of a problem for our four-legged friends, too.
  • Lots of products — from supplements to calming beds — sell themselves on helping to manage dog anxiety.
  • But there's also a lot of misinformation and pseudo-science being sold, which is why we asked three veterinary and dog behavioral experts for their advice on which aids and products might actually help tackle the beast of anxiety.
  • Is anxiety common for dogs""Anxiety is common, and often dogs with it exhibit a wide range of symptoms and severity," said Dr Travis Arndt, medical director at the Animal Medical Center of Mid-America in Missouri.



  • Published Feb 18, 2022 7:03 PM GMT