'Dragon Ball' Is Getting Its Own Asymmetrical Survival Game

Published Nov 22 2021 at 10:59 AM GMT
  • Fans of"the"Dragon Ball universe are finally getting their very own asymmetrical survival game.
  • Dubbed "Dragon Ball: The Breakers, the new Bandai Namco title brings together a group of seven players who'll be transported into a mysterious land called the Temporal Seam.
  • As Survivors, their goal is to survive the terrors of the eighth player, who'll take on the role as Raider through one of the many notorious villains in"Dragon Ball, including Cell, Buu and Frieza.
  • The Raider will have to take out all seven Survivors before they're able to find the Super Time Machine to escape the Temporal Seam.
  • As the game goes on, the villain will become more and more powerful, and those trying to run away will have to scavenge weapons, vehicles, and power-ups to slow him down.



  • Published Nov 22, 2021 10:59 AM GMT