Facebook Experienced an Outage and Memecoins Jumped in This Week's Business and Crypto Roundup

Published Oct 09 2021 at 5:11 AM GMT
  • Many brands are starting to see a recovery despite the challenges initially brought on by the pandemic.
  • Some businesses, especially ones that focused efforts on expanding e-commerce ventures, have even seen profits rise even higher than before.
  • HYPEBEAST has rounded up the top business and crypto stories of the week so you can stay in the know about trends across industries.
  • Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp experienced their biggest outage since 2008Facebook experienced a global outage on Monday, with Instagram"and"WhatsApp also down.
  • The company later explained that the shutdown was triggered by a command issued by its internal network during routine maintenance.



  • Published Oct 9, 2021 5:11 AM GMT