Former Facebook Product Manager Testifies Before Congress

Published Oct 06 2021 at 3:49 AM GMT
  • Following a temporary Facebook systems outage, former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen, who recently leaked tens of thousands of pages of Facebook's internal documents and appeared on 60 Minutes, testified before the Senate on Tuesday.
  • I believe what I did was right and necessary for the common good, but I know Facebook has infinite resources, which it could use to destroy me," Haugen said ahead of her testimony.
  • Frances Haugen worked at several big tech companies including Google, Pinterest and Yelp before her two-year stint at Facebook.
  • "Working at four major tech companies that operate different types of social networks, I have been able to compare and contrast how each company approaches and deals with different challenges," she said in her prepared testimony.
  • She specializes in "algorithmic product management," and initially took the job at Facebook to work on "issues related to democracy and misinformation.



  • Published Oct 6, 2021 3:49 AM GMT