Founders, this is how you raise venture capital like a pro

Published May 17 2021 at 10:00 AM GMT
  • Google “how to raise funding for my startup” and you will find hundreds of articles telling you how to craft your pitch, how important storytelling is, and how you should order the slides in your pitch deck.
  • I have seen a $5-million-seed-funding round come together from brand-name VC firms without a single slide .
  • (And no, this founder wasn’t someone with a massive prior success.) I have also seen founders struggle to raise a much smaller amount, despite beautifully crafted decks, comprehensive materials, and superb narrative and storytelling.
  • Contrary to conventional wisdom (and Google searches), the pitch deck is not the most important element of a fundraising pitch.
  • So what is important, and how I should go about fundraising' Here’s my take: Spend your energy on people, not the pitch Investors care much more about who than what.



  • Published May 17, 2021 10:00 AM GMT