Freerunner Sam Sutherland's Guide to Going at Your Own Pace

Published Nov 16 2021 at 2:49 PM GMT
  • Sportswear brand Oakley calls on parkour enthusiast Sam Sutherland to show what he gets up to in the brand's outdoor footwear piece, the Oakley Coyote Boot.
  • Relaunched earlier last month, the Oakley Coyote Boot made a splash with its multifaceted silhouette and sneaker-like sole.
  • Throughout the years, this iconic combat-inspired Boot has proven its adaptability, becoming multi-functional, for a variation of lifestyles and needs.
  • Given parkour's daring nature, the 'active-yet-urban' design of the Oakley Coyote Boot " with its EVA midsole and slip-resistant rubber outsole " is a perfect fit for Sutherland.
  • We touched base with him to find out what he's learnt from his free-running and film-making antics across London.



  • Published Nov 16, 2021 2:49 PM GMT