Google, Apple, and other tech companies have joined a legal battle to protect H-1B spouses' right to work in the United States (GOOGL)

Published May 14 2021 at 10:00 AM GMT
  • Google is leading a cohort of tech companies campaigning to protect the spouses and dependents of H-1B visa workers.
  • The Alphabet company filed an amicus brief on Friday in Save Jobs USA v Department of Homeland Security.
  • That pending court case threatens to undo a 2015 program that allows some residents on H-4 visas " those dependent on H-1B visa holders, such as spouses " to seek work authorization in the United States.
  • The brief was cosigned by several other tech companies including Apple, Amazon, Twitter, Reddit, and Microsoft.
  • The H-4 employment authorization program was launched in 2015.



  • Published May 14, 2021 10:00 AM GMT