Gucci Celebrates Its Centennial With Heritage-Inspired Collection

Published Oct 08 2021 at 4:45 PM GMT
  • In celebration of the house's centennial, the Gucci 100 collection honors the heritage of the Italian brand by illustrating the relationship between clothing, personal identity and music.
  • Its emphasis on music begins with the number 22,705 -- the number of songs that contain the word "Gucci" in the lyrics.
  • The centennial, for me, represents an opportunity to bear witness to Gucci's eternal vitality that year after year, is reborn, it renews itself, reestablishing an unusual relationship with contemporaneity as a boy, forever young, observing the world with a powerful vision," said Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele.
  • Ready-to-wear garments and accessories have been adorned with the Gucci 100 logo alongside verses from three songs including "The R" by Eric B & Rakim, "You Got Good Taste" by The Cramps and "Fuck Me Pumps" by Amy Winehouse.
  • The collection showcases all things Gucci, including a wide range of monogrammed outerwear, suits, silk bowling sets, jumpsuits, monogram pleated skirts, hoodies, t-shirts, bags, shoes and more.



  • Published Oct 8, 2021 4:45 PM GMT