Henry Cavill Says Justice League Put Him In An Awkward Spot

Published Oct 05 2020 at 4:52 AM GMT
  • Justice League has a lot of awkwardness about it, from its mixed reception to the mess surrounding the will-they-won't-they Snyder cut.
  • In a recent interview, Henry Cavill, who plays Superman in the DC film series, has said that his role in marketing the film was basically impossible, due to the fact that his character was meant to be dead.
  • In an interview with Empire Podcast for the release of Cavill's latest movie Enola Holmes, Cavill has reflected on his role in Justice League, as picked up by CheatSheet.
  • The issue was that Cavill's Superman had been killed off at the end of the previous film Batman v Superman, and while his return for Justice League was basically inevitable, he says the marketing for the film still felt like it needed to treat it as a secret.
  • It was one of those weird situations where I guess' no one really knew what they wanted, and it was like 'hey, we need Henry on the press tour, but let's not tell anyone he's in the movie,'" Cavill explained on the podcast.



  • Published Oct 5, 2020 4:52 AM GMT