How TikTok’s Buzziest Chef Found Her Unshakable Confidence

Published Nov 10 2021 at 3:58 PM GMT
  • In a time when our FYPs are inundated with the same ramen hacks and tortilla origami, it"s hard for creators to carve out a space in food social media.
  • But if you've ever watched Connie Jackson, better known as Chef Lovely, seasoning sushi rice or grilling jerk chicken, usually set to a throwback bop, you'll instantly recognize that this is someone who's completely at ease in the kitchen and, more importantly, with herself.
  • (You don't make eye contact with the camera like that if you're insecure.) In partnership with Torrid "'whose clothes are designed to fit your curves so you feel empowered and sexy at any size " we had Chef Lovely tell us, in her own words, how she has achieved that feel-it-through-the-phone confidence.
  • I fell in love with cooking at a very early age, just being in the kitchen with my mother.
  • So, immediately my connection to food was about family, friends, fun, and communicating with one another.



  • Published Nov 10, 2021 3:58 PM GMT