I Wish All of My T-Shirts Were as Good as This One

Published May 26 2021 at 6:00 PM GMT
  • Photo Illustration by The Daily Beast/Scouted/Unbound MerinoScouting Report: Despite the price tag, this easy breezy tee has features that make it feel like it's really a pack of three tees stuffed into one.
  • It has to be stylish, fit right, and at the end of the day, go with a ton of different outfits.
  • I've found, as a general rule, with softer t-shirts, they tend to be less durable, and with firmer t-shirts, I don't want to wear them as much because well, they're not very comfortable.
  • I thought this paradigm was one that could never be shifted, and then I tried out this shirt.
  • The first thing you might notice about Unbound Merino's Crew Neck T-Shirt is what I noticed: it's a little bit pricey for a t-shirt.



  • Published May 26, 2021 6:00 PM GMT