Indian Scientists Beg Narendra Modi to Release Data on COVID-19 Variants

Published Apr 30 2021 at 10:53 AM GMT
  • Adnan Abidi via ReutersMore than 350 scientists in India have signed a petition begging Prime Minister Narendra Modi to publicly release crucial COVID-19 data in a desperate attempt to mitigate the spread and predict the next surge.
  • Some fear that Modi's desire to keep such vital information on variants, tests carried out, recovered patients and vaccine efficacy secret suggests that the 18.7 million cases reported and 208,330 deaths might be a radical understatement of the scale of the problem.
  • India logged an astonishing 386,452 new cases Friday as new appeals for more space and firewood for cremations compounded the lack of hospital beds and oxygen.



  • Published Apr 30, 2021 10:53 AM GMT