Land O?Lakes is rallying young people to return to their hometowns to build better broadband

Published Apr 27 2021 at 9:00 AM GMT
  • The number of Americans who don’t have access to broadband internet is likely somewhere between 14 and 42 million.
  • That range, which comes from figures calculated by the government and from broadband researchers, is quite wide, but tells one story: There is a high-speed internet accessibility gap in America, particularly affecting rural residents, only about 65% of whom report having access.
  • As remote work and learning have become critical, that gap matters.
  • During the pandemic, people have had to drive hours libraries to do routine online tasks—or park next to a school bus’s hotspot just so their kids can do their homework.
  • “It’s simply unacceptable,” says Beth Ford, CEO and president of agricultural co-operative Land O’Lakes, about the digital divide.



  • Published Apr 27, 2021 9:00 AM GMT