LEGO Promises To "Remove Gender Bias and Harmful Stereotypes" From All Toys

Published Oct 12 2021 at 7:09 AM GMT
  • Earlier this week, Danish toymaker, LEGO has pledged to create products and marketing campaigns free of any "gender bias and harmful stereotypes.
  • The move towards a more progressive business model comes after a study recently revealed that children are "held back" due to "embedded gender stereotypes.
  • LEGO commissioned a report that surveyed around 7,000 parents and children across China, Japan, Poland, Russia, the U K, the US and the Czech Republic.
  • The results of the research found that there is a current "need for society to rebuild perceptions, actions and words to support the creative empowerment of all children.
  • The report also indicated that 71% of boys were worried about being teased if they played with toys not typically associated with their gender.



  • Published Oct 12, 2021 7:09 AM GMT