Lime's CEO explains how the scooter company's 'near death experience' during the pandemic helped set it up to turn a profit next year (UBER)

Published Oct 08 2020 at 8:19 PM GMT
  • Every new vehicle, Ting says, helps Lime find new riders that might be averse to their original stand-up scooter for one reason or another.
  • "Our main scooter product is very popular with younger people, and with slightly more men than women," Ting said.
  • "But with eBikes, for example, we see people who are older, we see more women riders than men riders.
  • After all, whether you're sitting or standing, "the actual underlying technology isn't that different.
  • That should take some of the frustration out of arriving in a city, seeing a handful of differently branded vehicles, and having to choose which new app to download and use to move around.



  • Published Oct 8, 2020 8:19 PM GMT