MSNBC host pushed West Virginia governor to defend anti-trans bill with evidence. He couldn't.

Published Apr 30 2021 at 7:55 PM GMT
  • A wave of anti-transgender bills have been making their way through state legislatures the past few months, with more than a dozen states proposing bans on transgender athletes competing in girls' sports.
  • The issue of trans people in athletics is a bit of a tricky one on paper.
  • The justification for banning trans girls from playing sports with cisgender girls is hormones and build.
  • The theory goes that a trans girl has a biological advantage over non-trans girls because they have higher testosterone levels, larger muscle mass, etc.
  • Besides the fact that physical makeup and athleticism varies greatly among individuals for hundreds of reasons besides sex, this theory that trans athletes are a threat to cisgender athletes appears to be a problem largely manufactured in people's minds and not backed up by evidence.



  • Published Apr 30, 2021 7:55 PM GMT