MSNBC's Joy Reid Fires Back After Tucker Carlson Calls Her the "Race Lady"

Published May 04 2021 at 2:28 AM GMT
  • MSNBCMSNBC host Joy Reid fired back at Tucker Carlson on Monday night after the Fox News star repeatedly labeled her the "race lady" in recent weeks, running down Carlson's past failures and controversies while claiming the conservative host was 'making America worse.
  • "Last week, after Reid announced on air that she was still wearing a mask despite being fully vaccinated, Carlson devoted an entire segment to mocking her.
  • "Well, Joy-Ann Reid, the race lady over at MSNBC, took a quick break from haranguing whitey yesterday to reveal something deeply personal about herself on television," he sneered.
  • Liberal media watchdog Media Matters for America later noted that Carlson has made a habit lately of referring to the Black host as the 'race lady", bringing up her Harvard education, and insisting that she's lived 'an unusually privileged life.



  • Published May 4, 2021 2:28 AM GMT