Not a Fan of Hawaiian Pizza, Processed Cheese, and California Rolls' Blame Canada

Published Oct 15 2020 at 9:55 PM GMT
  • Consider Hawaiian pizza: The divisive pineapple-and-ham topped pie is viewed as an abomination by many pizza lovers, including the president of Iceland, who once threatened to ban it.
  • In a world of wonderful noodle dishes, from silky cacio e pepe to ramen served in a rich broth, Americans dump milk and neon-orange cheese powder on a bowl of macaroni and call it dinner.
  • Even sushi, far from its native Japan, can find itself transformed into pan-fried "sushi pizza," adorned with all manner of sweet and fatty sauces.
  • Americans have a penchant for unhealthy, processed foods and a tendency to turn other cultures' cuisines into dishes occasionally decried as crimes against cuisine.
  • But none of the above examples were invented in the United States.



  • Published Oct 15, 2020 9:55 PM GMT