People Are Discovering the Joy of Actually Talking on a Phone - Facts So Romantic

Published Sep 23 2020 at 11:30 AM GMT
  • lead to suboptimal preferences for text-based media.
  • The title of their paper echoes its conclusion: "It's surprisingly nice to hear you: Misunderstanding the impact of communication media can lead to suboptimal choices of how to connect with others.' "Our hesitation to be close is based on an illusion that our spoken conversations won't go as well as we hope.
  • "It really seems like people are worried that it's going to be awkward when you interact with another person using your voice, and those concerns seem to be overblown,' Kumar said.
  • ?We're being asked to maintain physical distance,' he added, 'but we still need these social ties for our well-being'even for our health.
  • It's the sort of surprising finding that has become something of a trope for Kumar's co-author, Epley.



  • Published Sep 23, 2020 11:30 AM GMT