People are saying Khlo' Kardashian's unedited photo debacle is a perfect example of the 'Streisand Effect'

Published Apr 08 2021 at 7:26 PM GMT
  • The "Streisand Effect," a term coined in 2008 by TechDirt CEO Mike Masnick, was in full swing this week as Khlo" Kardashian and her team began scrambling to erase all traces of a photo of her that was posted online by mistake.
  • Masnick spoke with NPR about the "Streisand Effect" for a 2008 radio interview.
  • "The lesson here is, if you want lots of people to see something, just try to suppress it," the show's host Robert Siegel said.
  • By sending copyright takedown notices to people resharing the unauthorized picture online, Kardashian inadvertently drew far more attention to it than if she had simply let the candid image remain online.
  • People on Twitter have been calling it a classic "Streisand Effect" moment.


  • Published Apr 8, 2021 7:26 PM GMT