People Can’t Get Enough Of This Bestselling Vaccine Card Protector (& TBH, Same)

Published Oct 13 2021 at 9:37 PM GMT
  • This just in: Fall"s hottest accessory isn't a new bag or a cool pair of chunky loafers, but rather, a holder for your COVID vaccine card.
  • That's right: A clear, plastic home for your all-important vaccination card is high-key the ultimate must-cop item.
  • After all, proof of vaccination in certain cities is the key to easing back into life as we once knew it; this includes things like indoor dining, attending concerts, and going to the gym or workout studios, not to mention being able to travel internationally.
  • As a Virgo, investing in a plastic protector before I even got fully vaccinated was a rare instance of me being ahead of the trend.
  • (I was inspired in early 2021 after my mother got her card laminated " for free! " at a local office supply store in my hometown.) While I can't remember the last instance of something being so important being made of something as fragile as paper, a vaccine card protector is an easy, cheap solve.



  • Published Oct 13, 2021 9:37 PM GMT