Some colleges confront political headwinds in adopting COVID vaccine mandates

Published Apr 08 2021 at 7:00 AM GMT
  • Image: As a small but growing number of colleges announce plans to require students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for the fall semester, college administrators who are deciding whether to follow suit face a politically fraught landscape.
  • At least 10 colleges have announced plans to require all students to be vaccinated against COVID, with the University of Notre Dame joining the list Wednesday.
  • Many legal experts agree that student vaccine requirements will likely stand up in court.
  • But there will likely be court battles.
  • “I think we’re going to see legal challenges, because my sense is that this issue is very quickly becoming far less a legal issue or even a science and data and facts issue and it’s becoming a political issue,” said Peter McDonough, vice president and general counsel for the American Council on Education.


  • Published Apr 8, 2021 7:00 AM GMT