The Apparition Phase by Will Maclean review " unleashing ghosts

Published Oct 28 2020 at 9:00 AM GMT
  • There are chills galore in this enjoyable 70s-set debut about disturbed teenagers and malevolent spiritsTim and Abi Smith are teenage twins growing up in a lower middle-class household in the early 1970s.
  • They are obsessed with ghosts, but also with 'standing stones, witches, curses, the British countryside, the ancient Egyptians ["] the Vikings, voodoo, vampires, the mythical giant squid, real-life accounts of people being attacked (and, even better, devoured) by large wild animals, Dracula, Doctor Who, space exploration, the futuristic domed cities that people would one day live in on the ocean floor?, et cetera.
  • They decide to fake a photo of a ghost in their attic and " guess what' " terrible consequences ensue.
  • The Apparition Phase is Will Maclean's first novel.
  • Already a successful TV writer, he certainly knows how to twist and turn.



  • Published Oct 28, 2020 9:00 AM GMT