The job of a software salesperson was already changing before the pandemic. Here's why investors are betting millions on AI-powered startups that can help sales reps close deals from home.

Published Nov 01 2020 at 1:55 PM GMT
  • The job of selling software to customers, rarely easy, has only gotten harder in the pandemic economy.
  • Not only are companies showing signs of tightening their IT budgets, but the sudden inability to meet customers in person " especially at mega-events like Salesforce's Dreamforce, often a major source of sales leads' makes it that much harder for a salesperson to seal the deal.
  • With salespeople suddenly confined to their home offices, the job is suddenly about making the most out of every phone call and Zoom conference.
  • To help fill the gap, the industry has increasingly turned to so-called sales engagement software, which helps a salesperson track and manage all of their relationships with customers " meaning less time spent on digital busywork, and more time selling.
  • And business in the sales engagement space is booming, says Manny Medina, CEO and founder of Outreach, a startup last valued at $1.3 billion in a $50 million June funding round led by Salesforce Ventures.



  • Published Nov 1, 2020 1:55 PM GMT