Yara Shahidi on why she's joining mental health activists and educators to address inequality in the classroom

Published Sep 23 2020 at 6:11 PM GMT
  • Actor and activist Yara Shahidi is joining celebrities, educators, and politicians to address one of the most relevant issues among youth activists — inequality in our country’s classrooms.
  •   “The work of fighting for equality and equity, a large part of it happens in the classroom," Shahidi said.
  • "And in terms of the resources and space that young people are given at a certain age, it's really formative.”  On Wednesday night, the Grown-ish star will introduce the second Citizen Verizon Assembly: Education is Not Up for Debate.
  • Organized by Verizon, the event focuses on the impact of remote learning and inequality on students and teachers and features a debate moderated by journalist Soledad O’Brien around the current state of the country's education system.
  • Later, O'Brien will join actress and activist Gabrielle Union, mental health activist Catie Cole, and president of the Child Mind Institute Harold S Koplewicz, to discuss the best ways for families to adjust to digital learning and its impact on students’ mental health.  More about Education, Equity, Yara Shahidi, Social Good, and Identities.



  • Published Sep 23, 2020 6:11 PM GMT